After full payments have been made, you will be asked to sign a transfer of land document.
The document is then registered with the Land Titles Office / Register of Titles (by the owner or developer) so the property can be transferred into your name.

Step 1 - Visit site

You need to visit any of our sites in order to validate the avalability of your plot or to choose th ....
Step 2 - The agreement

This is the written agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the sale, including the price yo ....
Step 3 - Make payment

Make full paymet or make part payment depending on the availability of funds, The payment can beheld ....
Step 5 - Title registration

This is an official record of ownership of the land and is kept by the Land Titles Office / Registra ....
Step 6 - After sales

The success of every business is based on relationships. An after-sales service is no more an ....

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